Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Quite a Treat!

Since we have been in St. Petersburg we have been able to communicate with our families via webcam usingWindows Live Messenger. Being able to see our parents' faces has been grand. Isaiah even recognizes them and plays with them, which delights everyone involved.

Well, Sunday evening we were able to talk to people from my home church Beacon Baptist in Burlington, NC! My mom took her laptop and webcam to church, and our friend Greg Phillips set everything up. Being able to see so many friends at one time and hear first hand their greetings and prayers and love ministered to our hearts. I don't know if they could tell or not, but with every knew face that came on our screen, I had to brush tears from my eyes. Not sad tears, but what can I say, I'm an emotional person! We were able to talk with all the pastors of the church, and so many members!

Imagine just 10 years ago the lack of instantaneous communication between people separated by such a great distance. I know that lots of bad things are on the internet, but I must praise God for His gift of letting us talk to our friends and family so easily. When homesickness nags at our hearts, Isaiah starts doing something really cute or on special holidays we can feel a little closer to home.

So thank you to all our Beacon family for taking the effort to enjoy some technology with us! We loved seeing you! We hope to be able to do it again very soon. Thank you for your love and for your prayers--God is definitely using them! We love you!


Guitta said...

technology is amazing. it would be cool if every missionary could have that to connect to their extended family.
i'm glad you got to feel connected to those at home.
love, guitta

Gail said...

What a wonderful idea! That was a blessing not only to you but also for them. You're always in hearts and in our prayers.
love mom slawson