Friday, October 06, 2006

Just Gotta Say...

...I'm sick of hearing about this Mark Foley stuff, but I cannot help but make a few comments myself. Let me first say that I find what he did deplorable and sick. But that being said here are my thoughts in no particular order.

1. Movies such as Basic Instinct are accepted in the public eye.

2. We already have a senator, Barney Frank, who has admitted hiring male prostitutes.

3. A major "Christian" denomination, the Episcopal Church, elects as Bishop an openly practicing homosexual, Gene Robinson, who divorced his wife to shack up with his lover.

4. A number of states are striving to legalize gay marriage.

5. We, as a nation, have for years and years remained silent and have befriended other "civilized" nations who essentially allow paedophillia. If Foley had done this in Amsterdam it wouldn't have been illegal.

6. We had a president that engaged in lewd acts with an intern in the Oval Office.

7. We have a national black "leader" who claims to be a minister of the gospel who, while "counseling" the former president during the incident, was found to be committing adultery. He's now back in the limelight apparently "healed."

8. TBS has a show called "Sex in the City" in which a woman writes a column in a newspaper chronicling female sexual escapades.

9. With the advent of the internet obtaining pornography has never been easier or more discrete, especially for young people.

10. With many parents being ignorant (or not caring) about what their kids do on the internet, all manner of filth is getting into the minds of kids not to mention the sexual predators that are getting in the homes of kids.

So, should we be suprised? This is not to make light of Foley's deeds, but his deeds didn't occur in a vaccum. They are the fruit of our nation's cultural mindset. What used to be taboo is now openly accepted.

Now, I am not a prophet nor the son of a prophet, but let me make a prediction. In 50 years if someone does something like Foley did again it'll probably be no big deal. That's sad.