Wednesday, January 31, 2007

With anticipation

Saturday brings another first for our family--We will be celebrating Isaiah's first birthday! His birthday isn't actually until next Tuesday, but in order to have as many family members come as possible, we decided that a Saturday would be best. Having never had to prepare for a 1st birthday party, I find myself learning about a whole new world: party decorations, party favors, treat bags, etc. I have decided, however, that this celebration will be a little more low key. We will have only the essentials: good food, family and probably lots of pictures.
But in all seriousness, I am looking forward to marking the year, in most ways that is. I do feel a little sad about my "baby" turning 1; but at the same time I feel such joy that God has brought him so far from his sudden beginning!
I'll be happy to report after Saturday the great amusement had by all!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sometimes I can't think of a good title

Well, it's been a while since I took fingers to keyboard and posted a blog. The Lord has given our family a wonderful couple of months. We enjoyed our trip to Nova Scotia immensely! We haven't had a chance to just kick back and relax like that since Isaiah was born, at least, maybe longer.

After Nova Scotia we spent Christmas with my family in North Carolina. I was looking forward
to having Isaiah's first Christmas. I imagined him playing with the wrapping paper and boxes and having a grand ol' time. He did enjoy himself, and of course he was just as cute as he could be, but he wasn't as active as I thought he'd be...maybe next year. He enjoyed spending time with his grandparents and great grandparents in NC, though, being quite the charmer and giggle box.

We were able also to have a "Second Christmas" with Thomas' family in Baton Rouge the first
weekend in January. We made what seemed like a very short trip after all our previous traveling. Thankfully all of the family was able to be there. We had some great fun and as always good food. I am starting to have mixed emotions as July 18 draws closer. I am so excited about going to Russia and serving God there, but as I begin to realize that we are starting to do some "lasts" (at least for a while, most likely), I also feel sad in some ways. We want to enjoy everything that we can while we can!

In between the two Christmases, Isaiah had a doctor's appointment to get
some routine shots that he's been getting once a month during the winter months. Every time that he's had shots before he never responded or acknowledged that anything had happened. This time, however, things were very, very different! Just like every time before the nurse had me lay him with his knees at the edge of the table so that his lower legs hang down where she can lean against him to keep him from moving. (She explained the first time that this was how she gave all children their shots because most of the try to pull away. I, of course, wasn't concerned about Isaiah pulling away, but who am I to mess with anyone's system.) Well, he was in position and I was holding his hands and talking to him, when all of a sudden I realized that he had pulled his left leg up and arched his back and squeezed my hands while looking at me with an expression of fear and confusion! He had felt the shot! Up to that point he had never responded to any stimulation in his left leg or foot. I cannot explain to you how I felt at that moment. I think that I was in shock. He still needed to get a shot in his right leg (he had begun responding to stimulation in his right foot before, so I was really paying attention this time!). When he saw the needle coming towards his leg he started to tense up and look at me as if saying, "This is going to happen again!?" I did my best to speak to him in a comforting manner, but I probably wasn't very reassuring as tears were starting to run down my face. He never did cry with the shots, but without a doubt he responded to them. While feeling guilty for being excited about my child feeling pain, I also felt incredible joy. I held Isaiah as soon as I could and just prayed right there to thank God for allowing Isaiah to have some feeling in his legs. We don't know if the feeling will grow stronger or if it has reached its maximum, but we do know that no matter what, God is working amazing things in our lives.

Thank you for your continued prayers for us. We are regularly asked how Isaiah is doing and what his prognosis is. We still wait from day to day to see what changes will take place. We have learned that every case of spina bifida is different; what is true for one person could be completely different for another. As we anticipate each day what the Lord will accomplish, we thank God for the wonderful gift that He has given us.