Sunday, December 17, 2006

Greetings from Nova Scotia


Cristy, Isaiah and I are having a wonderful time here in Nova Scotia. We are now on our third day of travels, and here's a bit of what's been happening.

Last Thursday (December 14th) was a long day of travel because of some delays, but nevertheless we have arrived safely in Halifax and are stayed at this OUTSTANDING bed and breakfast called "English Garden B&B". It was nicer than we could have ever expected and so inexpensive, and the young couple that owned the place was so friendly. We plan to stay there again on Tuesday night before we leave Halifax next Wednesday (December 20th)

When we went to get our rental car in Halifax we got a pleasant surprise. They didn't have the mid-sized car we had reserved, so...........they had to give us a brand-spanking new Jeep Grand Cherokee with all the fixins. Awwww, I guess we'll just have to suffer through the experience.

We had originally planned to take off on Friday and head either south or north on the island, but we decided to stay and see the Halifax area. We had a great time in the city. We visited the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, took a ferry ride across the harbor, saw some of the sights, and of course got coffee from a Tim Horton's.

Isaiah has been absolutely great! We get compliments all the time on just how well he does on planes, in restaurants or just out in public. He's sleeping okay at night. On a scale of 1-10 he's been about a 7, so that's been good.

Saturday morning we left Halifax and headed down the eastern coast of the island. We had talked Friday about going all the way down to Yarmouth on the southern tip of the island, but everyone said that we'd be sorry if we didn't stop at Mahone Bay. And so, figuring that the Nova Scotians might know their own island better than we do, we headed off Satuday morning for Mahone Bay.

Now we had two options,

1) Boring old 1hr and 15 minute drive down highway 103 straight from Halifax to Mahone Bay.

2) Beautiful scenic drive down winding roads along the Atlantic coast with a stop off in a quaint little lighthouse town called Peggy's Cove.

I'll leave it to your creative imaginations which route we ended up taking (see pictures)

So now we're in this beautiful B&B at Mahone Bay with a view of the bay itself from our room. We arrived Saturday afternoon about 3, checked into our room and then went on a brisk walk in the downtown area. It's an absolutely beautiful town with great views overlooking the Bay.

We plan to attend a local Baptist Church in the morning, and we found that only after quite a bit of internet searches. There are no shortages of churches here, but, sadly, few preach the gospel. After much research we discovered that the United Baptist Church of Canada still, as a denomination, believes that the Bible is the only inerrant and infallible Word of God and that Christ is the only way to salvation. We hope this proves true tomorrow as we attend their worship service.

As of right now we are planning to skip Yarmouth, stay here in Mahone Bay tonight also, and leave for Digby on the Bay of Fundy on Monday morning. We'll stay there Monday night and then head back to Halifax on Tuesday and stay there once again at the English Garden B&B.

Enjoy the pictures! We'll take some of Mahone Bay today and hopefully post them.

In Christ,
Thomas, Cristy & Isaiah

Monday, December 11, 2006

Just the Halifax


In just about two and a half days we will be on our way to Nova Scotia! We'll be leaving Wednesday afternoon to drive to Atlanta. There we'll stay with our friends Bill and Robin Harris. We'll fly out at 3PM on Thursday for Halifax. Our plans are to hop in our rental car and meander around the island for a couple of days. On the 20th we'll fly back to Atlanta and then drive on to Cristy's parent's house for Christmas. Please keep us in your prayers.